The most revolutionary creations are simple solutions born from open exploration.

Identify Opportunities:


Each project begins with a fresh set of eyes, where we uncover new opportunities. This step involves scenario studies, guerilla customer interaction, adjacent product research and wider contextual thinking. Every project has different needs.


Generate Ideas:


Innovation is not a linear process. With our opportunity space defined, we cast a wide net to generate ideas. These will start out rough and fractional, coming together to form the building blocks for the DNA of the final product. This is where the non-linear approach truly begins.


Choose Direction:


We listen, explore, deconstruct, and reassemble. When the right ideas are hatched, we grab them - it can be deceptively difficult to recognize a good idea and to know what to do with it. The best ideas get refined into directions. This narrows down good ideas to the right solution.


Visualize, Refine, Specify:


Once we have discovered the right direction for our client, we then take the necessary steps to refine it. It is important to have the right core concept.  After all, "you don't want to frost the wrong cake." We then finalize the aesthetics, implementation methods and deliver the final product specifications.

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