Nearly all products that we see are designed, but few are considered.  


What do you own that's rewarding every time you use it?  What looks better after years of wear than it did when it was new?


In the hotly contested performance road bike market components and handlebars come and go so quickly you can't keep up.  But when the SRAM force shift/brake lever was crafted 10 years ago it was done with intention, for longevity. The comfortable performance fit of the rider's cockpit is much the same today as it was when they were released.  



Consideration is design at a higher level.


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product design chicago

industrial design chicago

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industrial design milwaukee

More than just pretty, the Simplicity Legacy tractor is a great example of the power of design consideration, of raising the bar.  This tractor was in production for nineteen years, yet it still sits well against its competition that should be decades ahead