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Kent Solberg, an industrial designer with 25+ years of experience, leads Solberg Design in Milwaukee, WI. Kent could not do this without the key support of his partner, Chevis Watkinson. These two make a compact yet impactful studio operating nationally, crafting significant products across diverse industries. Their user-centric approach prioritizes client and customer satisfaction, while their innovative designs create lasting value. Solberg and his team epitomize design excellence, shaping enduring solutions that elevate businesses and captivate minds.


Innovation Strategy

Materials & Colors

Concept Exploration

Our strategic approach unlocks diverse, impactful concepts. We don't just generate ideas, we cultivate innovations that fuel market transformation, business growth, and ultimately, significant profit.

Renders and visualization

From vision to reality! This stage brings your product to life, crafting a seamless user experience. We leverage CMF (Color, Material, Finish) experts to ensure the final design aligns with market trends and resonates with your target audience.

Design Refinement & Execution

We co-create! Together, we refine innovation insights into real-world solutions. We love collaborating with engineers to ensure ideas translate into feasible, game-changing products - no pie-in-the-sky concepts here.

Design for Manufacturing

From dreamscape to reality (without the throwing out the laptop)! This phase pushes your engineers to new heights. We bridge the gap between stunning designs and manufacturability, finding clever solutions using familiar materials. We make the impossible, possible... and fun!

Pixels take center stage! Here, we create stunning visuals: static renders, animations, or even AR/VR experiences. This allows you and your customers to virtually interact with the product before production. Refine colors, materials, and ensure it hits the mark before anything's built.

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