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Hayes Components™

At Hayes Bicycle Components they believe that reaching a level of perfection requires an ongoing process that never ends. Since their first bicycle disc brake, created in 1972, they have continued this quest for perfection. So when they reached out to us for assistance with several of their newer products, we were honored to participate and contribute to this legacy.

The Dominion brake was brought to market to be the end-all be-all of enduro disc brake sets.  With this in mind it was a challenge to develop a brake that was clearly the best in industry —in both appearance and function. The Dominion line has been the heart of Hayes Brake nearly immediately upon release and we are very proud of it. Additionally, the ATAC AME and XCS family of bicycle stems leveraged the heritage of prior Answer stems. We helped optimize the strength to weight, and pushed an "oversquare" proportion. Answer now has a very light stem with an ahead-of-the-market appearance.


Innovation Strategy, Concept Exploration,
Design Refinement & Execution, Materials & Colors, Renders & Visualization, Design for Manufacturing


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