21 years in market


Understanding context:

For 75 years professionals have relied on Paslode for

high quality fastening solutions. Solberg Design was tasked with

the redesign of the F350S, their flagship nail gun.


Firsthand observation:

At its simplest, user research is understanding how

customers use your product. Unlike most research efforts,

the Solberg Design approach is fast and direct. Designers go to where the product is used, talk with workers and observe them in action.  


An unexpected discovery:

Well worn tools are a sign of a skilled carpenter. From this, Solberg Design designed a wear friendly form and finish that would look better season after season, developing a lasting bond between tool and tradesman.


Brands that last:

More than just design a better product, our approach cements ITW Paslode as the premier brand with a timeless legacy. When the average nail gun lifecycle is 5 years, 21 years in market is an icon.

Winner of the Tour de France
2009 + 2010

Understanding context:

In road racing bicycles the shifter is the interface of the transmission and keystone to the control of the bike. The Tour de France is a 20 day event where riders are on the bike for 6-8 hour long consecutive days it is the highest rung of competitive cycling.


Driving the process:

The smallest rider interface discomfort means loss of performance in this upper echelon. Solberg Design pioneered a new design processes to more thoroughly define metrics for success, and more deeply consider design nuance. What we accomplished in this competitive and notoriously fickle market is impressive…. and repeatable.


Strategic Development 


Understanding context:
JW Speaker develops innovative, high performance vehicular lighting  solutions, proudly manufactured in the USA.
Solberg Design brings design to the equation:
At its simplest, brand recognition is allowing your customers to find you

Solberg Design is developing and evolving a memorable JW Speaker visual brand that brings customers back and builds allegiance.












Solberg Design is working with JW Speaker to leverage its technology

and manufacturing into more submarkets by aligning each product’s design. 

Solberg Design takes the advanced LED technology inside each product and expresses it on the outside where customers see it. This increases perceived value, which correlates with a very real increase in margins.


Understanding the context:
6-8 iPad accessories were designed and prototypes before the first iPad was unveiled and shipped.  Only industry rumors were available at the time. Based upon experience we interpreted the use for this new product and what accessories would be appropriate.


Selecting the solution:
The iPad Frame was deemed the strongest of the concepts, a unique mix of an attractive frame, stand, and protective case. 

iPad Frame

Developed before the market existed

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